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The hubs have been fantastic! We’ve praised your ingenuity on a daily basis. So easy to put up and take down (and put up and take down and put up and take down and...!!).

Susan Timmins, The Claesline Gallery

It’s a beautiful structure, and with a little help the kids built it themselves! So far it’s been a nerf gun battle den, a hide-away for a tea party and a great place to have a picnic lunch.

Catriona Allan

I bought this to use as part of a theatre set. Very easy and convenient to put up and down at the start of each rehearsal and in each different venue. I built a 6m x 6m x 3m dome and when taken apart it all fits in the car! 

Rosie Bristow

Thanks for creating such an excellent product! As it turned out, I needed the flexibility to build and deconstruct pretty quickly, so the design was perfect for what I was doing.

Gabrielle Cerberville

I received my hubs as a Kickstarter reward and have built 2 domes with it since then. It was as easy as chop-sawing the sticks (we used broom handles), pre drilling holes in the end and screwing all the balls on the ends. My children helped snapping it all together and the dome stands really sturdy when fastened down. A very nice gift to give to a tinkerer.

Pieterjan Heyse

The instructions are very easy to follow but fascinating enough to make it feel like play not work. There is some measuring and cutting to do for your sticks but all the calculations are done for you, no big maths. 

Bill Morris